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Property Management in Huntington Beach, CA

How We'll Help With Your
Huntington Beach Area Property Management Needs

Professional rental services that deliver outstanding results

We are a boutique management company that can provide a property owner
a more personalized service, where we care for a property the way you would, but using our
tools and experience to do so in an efficient and capable manner.

Rental Marketing

Each property is assessed for the type of marketing. Tools used are signage, business/school relocation posts and Internet marketing on multiple platforms.

Rent Collection

Our management company provides each resident an online portal to review their account with us, and to pay their rent online.
This system has proven invaluable to being able to collect rents on time. It also allows us to email the resident automatically and immediately alerts us to the situation.


Our properties are schedules predetermined with property owners.

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Tenant Screening

Through our marketing, we typically have a multiple applicant situation, which allows us to vet and sellect the best qualified applicant


Often our clients come to us with preferred vendors, which we honor. Otherwise, we have a number of select vendors we can chose from. Depending on the job, we collect bids and get property owner authorization for any job over an agreed upon threshold.


Tenants automatically receive email notifications of delinquencies, followed by official notics to pay or quit.  Violtaions of lease terms are documented, with tenants being put on notice of possible lease termination.

What Sets Living Property Management Apart From the Rest?

Professional rental services that deliver outstanding results


 We Actually 

 Know Your Name 

When we meet to take on a new client, we discuss how they have managed the property in the past, to understand what the client feels are priorities for their property. We are flexible to adjust our business and accommodate our clients needs, and
don't feel the need to force the client into only one format.

We're Experienced Professionals

Both partner, Jules Ayora and Nicole Wright-Manson, are tied to the local community. Jules is a Real Estate Broker, in the real estate industry for 23 years, and Nicole is a licensed Realtor with over 20 years experience.


Our Systems and Processes

Our entire office runs on an online property management platform. This allows all our services to work cohesively so that we can easily assess rents, repairs, income, expenses, reports and accounting for all properties.

Get Your Free Rental Property Analysis

Determine exactly how much your Southern California rental is worth.

Find out just how we can boost your revenue.

See if your property is a
good match for our portfolio.

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What Are the Benefits of Working With Living Property Management


It's time for you to enjoy the financial freedom that you deserve. Our team knows exactly how to help you maximize your property's earning potential.


As a benefit of working with us, you can be sure that we will always maintain the highest levels of professionalism. We're delighted to serve you.

Peace of Mind

With Living Property Management, your property is in capable hands. So leave the challenging tasks to us and focus on what's important to you.

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